"A White Ribbon" by Ria

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Ria: Hello, peoples, I’m Ria-chan, your host for today! ^ ^ Here I am, yet again, ready to post yet another fluffy one-shot. XD

Akkina (my best friend): You are such of a hopeless romantic.

Ria: Yup! And proud of it! ^-^ For all those who like Satoshi, I hope you enjoy! Lotsa sweetness……lol. Oh, and this St. White’s Day is a year after the one in book 3. Enjoy!

~*~A White Ribbon~*~

You walked down the hallway of Azumano Middle School, shuffling your feet. You didn’t want to go to class today. You usually didn’t mind school, but today was a very special day. Today was St. White’s Day. The day that the boys gave white ribbons to the girls they liked. You sighed at the very thought. All around you, the girls were giggling and cooing, eying the nervous boys with expectance. They were all dressed in their white dresses, just like you. Unlike you, however, they dressed up for the boys. You did it for your parents. They loved St. White’s Day, and expected you to love it too. They didn’t know that no boy ever gave you a second glance. Although you pretended to be flippant about the whole liking thing, in your heart, you longed for someone to like you. Of course, you doubted that the one person you really liked even knew your name.

“Awwww!” giggled some girls near you. “There’s Satoshi! He’s so hot!”

Another sighed in longing. “Yeah, isn’t he just to die for? And look….he’s wearing a white tie!” The two girls went off into a fit of sighs and giggles.

You rolled your eyes at them. It was all for show, however. Your heart was beating madly against your ribs. If you hadn’t known better, you would say that it was beating loudly enough for the whole school to hear. Satoshi was approaching you, ignoring the girls. You kept walking, your eyes downcast, praying that no one would notice the small glances you kept stealing at the blue-haired, blue-eyed boy. Your palms were sweaty, and it felt like your stomach was doing gymnastics. He was right before you, now, not even sending you a fleeting look. The hallway was crowded, however, and as he passed you, someone bumped into you. You staggered…right into Satoshi’s arms.

“Ah….” you gasped.

“Are you all right, Miss __(l/n)__?” he asked politely, helping to steady you.

“Y-yes,” you managed to say. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. If you’ll excuse me?”

There you stood in the middle of the hall, watching him walk away and unable to do anything about it.

“Something wrong, __(f/n)__?” said a voice near your shoulder.

You jumped and stared wide-eyed at the inquisitive face near yours. “Don’t scare me like that, Ritsuko!” you wailed, glaring at the girl.

“Why are you so red?” she asked, cocking her head to one side.

You felt your eyes go wide. “W-what?” you stuttered. Without even realizing what you were doing, you cast a small glance over your shoulder at the retreating back of Satoshi Hiwatari.

It was enough for Ritsuko, however. “Satoshi?” she murmured, brows furrowed. Then a huge grin spread across her face. “You like him, don’t you?” she asked happily, nudging you in the ribs.

You glared at her, cursing silently. “Remember who you’re talking to, Rits,” you replied coldly, calling her by her nickname. “I’m the cold, doesn’t-like-anybody-that-way-person. Have I ever actually shown any interest?”

Ritsuko frowned. “That’s true,” she murmured. “And it is so unlike you.” She laughed again. “I mean, really. You and Satoshi Hiwatari? It’s unbelievable.”

You smiled bitterly. “Yeah. Unbelievable.”


“He gave it to you?!”

Riku nodded and blushed. You, Riku, Risa, and Ritsuko were all sitting in a classroom, eating lunch. For the first time, Riku was wearing a St. White’s Day dress, and looked gorgeous in it. Two strands of her short red-brown hair had been braided and pulled back, creating a sort of crown. Around her neck was a white ribbon, delicately tied into a bow. She was beaming brightly, but her eyes were red from crying. You were both amused and envious about the fondness Daisuke and Riku shared for each other. Amused because it was so cute. Envious because it would never happen to you.

“Hey, __(f/n)__, has anyone given you a ribbon?” asked Risa.

You snorted, a very unladylike gesture. “Hah! Like that would ever happen,” you scoffed.

Risa went all dreamy-eyed. “Well, I have always believed that everyone has a true love. And someday, maybe in the least likely of circumstances, you will find that person.” She sighed.

“And I assume the person for you is Dark?” asked Ritsuko.

Risa didn’t even blush. “Of course!” she said in determination. “I love him madly, and I know that he shall return my feelings one day!”

“The key phrase here, people, is ‘one day,’” you said sarcastically.

Risa glared at you. “Don’t be such a spoil-sport,” she snapped, nose in the air.

You stood. “I’m going to get some fresh air,” you announced.

“But it’s freezing!” protested Riku and Risa in unison.

You shrugged. “I don’t mind the cold. It’s peaceful out there and the snow is so pretty.” Without another word, you left the classroom.

It was cold outside, and you were very thankful for your thick white dress. Against the pristine white snow, it appeared to be gray. A few soft flakes were falling from the stormy gray sky, adding to the few inches already upon the ground. You closed your eyes and leaned your head back, laughing softly at the feel of the lace-like snow tickling your face. Behind you, there was the soft sound of snow crunching underfoot. You sighed softly, not really wanting anyone to disturb the quietness of the moment. When the footsteps stopped only a few feet away from you, however, you felt obliged to see who it was. You turned, opening your eyes and feeling the snow stick to your lashes. You felt your heart begin its mad tattoo again when you saw who it was.

There, standing in the snow, was Satoshi Hiwatari.

“Um…what are you doing out here, Hiwatari?” you asked for lack of anything better to say. “It’s so cold.” You shifted from foot to foot, uncomfortable under that penetrating blue gaze of his. It was almost like he could see into your very soul.

“I could ask the same thing of you,” he said, taking a few steps towards you. You blinked in confusion. He was only a little distance away now. “But that is not why I came,” he continued.

“If I may be so bold to ask, why did you come out here?” you inquired. Despite the fact that Satoshi was the only boy you truly liked, you were also highly uncomfortable around him. You weren’t like Risa, ready to confess her feelings to the one she loved. You just weren’t courageous enough. You were afraid of being rejected, laughed at. You didn’t want Satoshi to look at you with uncertainty every time you passed each other in the halls, or sat next to each other in class. You didn’t want to pour your heart out only to find that it was a one-way liking. And, from the way he acted towards you, you were unable to find any hope that your assumptions were wrong.

He took another step forward. Although you were only a little shorter than him, he was so close now that you had to look up. “I…” he stared hesitantly. You blinked again. Satoshi, unsure of himself? This was a first. “I just wanted to give you something,” he said softly.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he drew something from his pocket. Before you could clearly see what it was, a soft material was being looped around your neck and tied into a bow. Satoshi stood back, his eyes flickering. For the barest instance, you could have sworn that he smiled at you. Not just with his mouth, but with his eyes. It was so gentle, so caring, that you could hardly believe it came from Satoshi. Then, without another word, he turned around and walked back to the buildings. Slowly, your hands trembling, you lifted up the strands of what he had tied around your neck.

It was a white ribbon.


Ria: Doooohhhhhh!

Akkina: *sweatdrop* Yes, ‘doh’ is Ria’s way of saying ‘aw.’

Ria: *smiling* Hope everyone wasn’t left on too high of a cliffhanger! Please R&R everyone! Ja ne!

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