"Circle of Evil" by Darknessinthemorn

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I wrote thsi hope you like it.
When wars a being fought, we seek peace
When we have peace, we seek meaning
When we have meaning, we start wars
And once we have wars, we begin the entire viscious cirlce all over again
And we wonder when if ever will it end?

Why does it all seem so hopeless when you look at it this way?
Why do we have to be this way?
Why must we keep taking innocent children and family man & woman and send them over to fight a pointless war?
Why must the innocent keep dying?

Are we really the cruel ones or are we the protectors?
How can we sleep at night knowing that men and women are dying for their bravery?
They will always haunt me in my dreams, all those faces so many more to come and join them.

Are we really doing the right thing?
Or are we lying to ourselves and others?
I don't know but I know that I will be waiting with open arms for them to come home.

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