"Insomniac" by Siruru

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Lloro Por Ti - Enrique Igelsias
i cry for you...

I’m sorry.

Those poor excuses did not change a thing, because it is you crying alone into the early morning hours. He had obviously had a change of heart while he was away, yet still liked playing you like some type of fool. Did he get some sick kick out of it?

I love you.

You could not even glance at anything within your room; everything held some type of memory. The cigar's smoke is still overflowing within the room that he had occupied a few hours before. The picture of the both of you is broken into a million pieces on the ground beside your bed, a statement to your heart at the current moment. Could you have noticed it sooner?

Nevertheless, as you replay these past months through your mind, you did not notice anything different. Everything had changed after you saw her come out of his apartment, how he was holding her with some of the love he held for you once. He was a perfect two-faced liar, your perfect liar.

How long, Hayato?

That doesn’t matter.

Yes, it does…

Even now, you are not crying for yourself, but him. The way in which he kissed you and all the other idiocies that had made you fall in love with him. He had made you his prisoner so easily, just to throw you away with that same ease. This is hurting you, so much and you cannot stop caring for the bastard man that had made you this way. This sick emotion called love still lingered in the washed out memories.

A single life broken into a million pieces and the stitches wouldn’t heal for a long time. The drug known as the olive-eyed bomber was gone, and you would have to move on. Nevertheless, as you stare lifelessly at your ceiling through the blurry eyes and clear tears, you know one thing clearly.

Maybe, this was a mistake?

Maybe, it was.

You will close that part of your life, gone for good. The infinity of the scars would stay for quite some time. The man had slipped though your fingers. The relief that had filled your dismal life was gone like a breeze that had never been there before. Even so, life moves on, you could only hope you would as well.

Goodbye, Gokudera.

Look, I’m–slam-
No matter how much you could love another person, there is a price. You have to find your way out of the labyrinth, out of the ruins of this broken relationship. You would find the exit one day, but until then you hope one thing for the bomber.

Somewhere you hoped he was dying like you were.

...wishing i could get our story right.

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