" The Eleventh Chaos " by Misty

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I am trying a new aproach to writing, and this is my prologue. This was a dream I had, and I hope that you rate my story and give me a review. Thank you!
Almost two-hundred years ago humanity started toward its end. The United States of America was able to persuade England and Canada to give their rights to the United States after civil wars broke out, leaving the two countries without government and in chaos. Mexico had already signed its entire government over to the U.S., and after twenty years of prosperity among the United Federal States of America, the South American countries gave all of their lands to the Federal States.

Africa was in a state of war, tearing all the countries apart. The United Nations intervened with the genocides and war. The new U.F.S.A. offered their services, and the UN gladly accepted it, leaving all the decisions up to this new country. Africa was soon part of the UFSA.

After the Unity Treaty in 2100, all nuclear devices were unarmed and sent out into space. The UFSA strongly helped all the Free Countries with this, but there was a darker side. UFSA only got rid of the amount they claimed to have, leaving fifty nuclear weapons armed.

The year that the world fell to bow down at the feet of UFSA as 2108; if the country did not join, they were destroyed with the nuclear bombs. The Middle Eastern country, Iraquan, did not listen. This young country was destroyed and all headed the threats of the UFSA. It had taken only one-hundred years for the world to be under UFSA’s control. Countries became regions, and soon there was just one language in the world. Life had changed, though not all could agree it had been for the better.

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