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Posted by Jasson
04/23/06 - 08:58PM
Today, I was going through the many fanfiction communities and forums I lurk on when I noticed a post about our site.

Someone was ranting that they had to sort through stories of a type or genre they didn't like on Lunaescence.

While I know the art of ranting is sacred, it's about the only feedback I get on this thing.

I just finished writing a new function so you can now EXCLUDE genres and story types when you're viewing the story listing. I'm still working on doing the same thing for the rest of the menu.

It's finished for Autumn Red and I'm adding the changes to Marauders now.


Sally's edit: I'm going to warn you, it's still a little buggy. Sometimes you'll still end up with a genre or type you may not want.


Ahhhh!!! Thanks Jasson! You're the man!!!
- Arametha on 04/24/06 - 02:23PM
That's awesome! Too bad this was spawned on a rant...seriously its so easy to give feedback to get what you want here, I wonder why someone felt they had to rant about something that could've easily been fixed through communication.
- Crimson on 04/25/06 - 01:26AM
Sounds spify, that will make things easier. ;3
- Kage Iki on 04/25/06 - 11:06AM
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