Some new stuff
Posted by Jasson
11/27/05 - 11:25PM
Since we're done with the restoration, aside from the few things we need to wrap up, we've begun adding modifications to the archive once again.

1.) Avatars.

This is an experiment that isn't available to everyone. This will allow you to place a 100x100 avatar in the right hand corner of your profile. Right now we're limiting it to authors who have been here for a while and who we know we can trust. If the experiment goes well, we'll open it up to more authors.

2.) The Mailing List

I've finally made the mailing list modification to your profile. You may now opt in and out of our Monthly Newsletters from your author profile. Thus, December's Update will be truly be the LAST update sent out to everyone. We may be making a new portion of your account area dedicated to mail options later on, just to keep your profile clean.

3.) Gender

You can now set your gender in your profile. We have Male, Female, and Undisclosed (aka "Not telling!") available for you to choose from.

4.) Story Type

This has made the story submission page a little more cluttered, but we're going to give it a try. Sally has come up with a mod that will allow authors to designate if their story is one of the special types like "Song-fics" and "CYOAs"

This way, visitors can sort the category pages by story type, in case they're looking for just those special types of fics. If your story doesn't fall into any of the special categories, just ignore that field for now.

If the experiment works out, we'll keep it and remove any story types from the warnings and genres menus.

Finally, the contest. Sally forgot to explain how to enter. Basically, just write in the author note or summary what contest the story is for. Until we get a few more classes under our belts, the Trophy case (and related parts) is on the back-burner.


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