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Posted by LeBeau
04/18/07 - 03:38PM

I've posted this before and it's happening again: When you submit a chapter of a chaptered story, please wait until it is cleared BEFORE submitting another chapter. If there are problems with one chapter, then there may be problems with the others, so WAIT. Problems can then be fixed based on feedback given.

Submitting multiple one-shots is ok, but don't do it to the extreme. Thanks guys!


Please authors listen to LeBeau, it is becoming rather irksome to have to decline an entire story for some grammatical errors. One chapter at a time please! ^_^
- Kitkaze on 04/18/07 - 08:07PM
Um... also, if you submit a story/chapter and are waiting for it to be validated, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IT. It gets... annoying to have the exact same thing listed in the queue two or even three times. If you have changes to make, you can edit it through Manage Stories in Your Account.
- crazydominodragongirl on 04/18/07 - 10:11PM
Ya guys listen to them cuz I want to read your stories ^^
- Artemis_Rein on 04/19/07 - 02:13AM
- LeBeau on 04/22/07 - 02:04PM
I don't put chapters up one after another. One-shots maybe, but not chapters. And the most I've ever done with one-shots is two at the same time. I hear where you're coming from though. I've found that you get more reviews if you wait a few days to post a new chapter anyway. I bet you're probably ready to rip your hair out in frustration, ne? Maybe people will start paying more attention....eventually...
- saykori on 04/22/07 - 09:49PM
Hey ^.^ can I request a new Anime category. No sites seem to have it though, which is odd cause it's a nice anime >.> "Kaleido Star" is the name of it. ^.^ Please?
- Alky on 04/24/07 - 01:01AM
Added ^_^
- Sally on 04/24/07 - 08:30AM
Thank you ^.^ Though you don't mind adding some characters for it as well, do you? Cause it's gonna be odd mentioning them without the readers knowing they are part of the show and not made up.
- Alky on 04/24/07 - 03:54PM
You're welcome. Characters added. Did I get the ones you need?
- Sally on 04/24/07 - 11:02PM
Thank you very much :D though I need one more character added. Kate, because she's the doctor. But anyway thanks for the others.
- Alky on 04/25/07 - 12:00AM
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