Writing the Feb. 2007 Newsletter
Posted by Sally
01/21/07 - 07:30PM

Thanks everyone! We're glad to be back. For a while, we were scared we weren't coming back too. ^^;

Since we missed the January newsletter, we're accepting submissions for the February newsletter and monthly features a little early.

We need:
- Author of the Month
- Story of the Month
- Theme of the Month
- Featured Fandom
- 2 Poll topics
- And more.

We would also like to have a challenge series for February. We're looking for 3 - 6 challenges with a February, Valentine's, romance, or seasonal theme. (We'll also accept White's day, even though it's in March.)

Please have all submissions for the newsletter or monthly features in by February 3rd.

You can see our previous stories and authors of the month here. Remember, you can nominate something by replying to this news post, our news thread, our LJ post, our Gaia Online Guild, or by e-mail.


How do we vote?
- Artemis_Rein on 01/21/07 - 11:38PM
There's no voting for this. ^^;

Someone nominates a story or author and we just feature it. If we get more than one, we pick one and the other nomination(s) just become the feature for the next month.

If we don't get anything, we just pick and choose at random.
- Sally on 01/22/07 - 12:23AM
Oh ok.
- Artemis_Rein on 01/23/07 - 02:44AM
And how does a story get nominated? cause I'm not sure everybody here has an account on livejournal. an account there is needed, isn't it?
- Alky on 01/27/07 - 02:04PM
Nope, no accounts are needed. You can even e-mail me your nominations or post them right here.
- Sally on 01/27/07 - 05:06PM
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