We're back!
Posted by Sally
01/14/07 - 07:09PM

Welcome back, everyone! It's been too long. ^^;

If you're wondering about why this happened, here's the long story:

Sometime in either November or December, the bank decided to freeze / cancel our credit card because at some point our credit card information was lost or stolen from a gas station we visited at some point. (We don't even remember using a Wesco station, but apparently we did.) As a precation, Mastercard and our bank froze / canceled our credit card.

Since we pay for our domain every three months, December was the month we had to pay.

So, our domain has been down this whole time while we waited for the bank to send us a new card.

So far, all stories, reviews, etc. appear to be completely intact. Please let me know if anything is missing. Also, since the domain was down, my mail was also down. That means that it will take me a bit to sort through the several week backlog

Thanks for being so patient, everyone.


Ummm I've been trying to upload and put an avatar on my user profile. I uploaded it just fine. But I can't figure out how to get it onto my profile, how do I do that?
- Artemis_Rein on 01/15/07 - 03:38AM
I didn't post that twice.....weird
- Artemis_Rein on 01/15/07 - 03:38AM
xD Welcome back~! I missed this site a lot. ; ;
- Kage Iki on 01/15/07 - 04:04AM
Glad to see the site back up. Bad luck about losing your card info or if someone stole it, a curse upon them ! Welcome back ^_^
- Skouris on 01/15/07 - 04:31AM
Thank god! I was wondering what had happen, good to see that this site is back up and running!!
- SolarWicth on 01/15/07 - 06:06PM
nice to have you and the site back Sally

sucks that someone was trying to use your card on you! btw if you need any help with the site let me know :P:)
- Spikey on 01/16/07 - 04:14PM
Thanks everyone. It's good to be back! It was driving me crazy not having this place.

Artemis, I'll try to e-mail you yet tonight and let you know how to do that.
- Sally on 01/16/07 - 07:41PM
I'm glad the site is back. =D
That sucks someone was trying to use your card.
- yami sango on 01/17/07 - 12:33AM
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