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Categories: Pet Shop of Horrors
Characters: Reader, You, D

Description: This challenge is to show a little love for a very under-appreciated character. Not that the entire fandom in itself isn't unloved too though.


1. Has to be Reader x Count D.
2. No yaoi/yuri/slash/etc..
3. No character death for the Reader or D.

Other than that, really they can be anything. Any length, any type. Just enjoy it and spread some love for the very eccentric and lovable count~

Posted: 10/12/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Movies & TV
Characters: Original Character(s), Various

Description: We all know that Dr Who tends to have very typical gender roles with super cool male doctor and adoring female companian who will probably fall in love with him.

So what about writing something different like a fanfiction involving a female doctor, openly gay doctor or male companian?Have a go.

No drabbles, one shots or stories with only loosely strung together sex scenes.

You have until 25th July

Posted: 06/14/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Other

Description: Digimon Savers/Data Squad.
Basically a collection of Thomas/Reader drabbles.

Posted: 07/05/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Books, Gaming
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Rules; Write a series of oneshots or drabbles with each having a theme. The oneshots/drabbles have to be somewhat related.

Requirements; No crack! The series must include the reader. It doesn't need to have a certain numbers of drabbles/oneshots, but at least three.

Um...good luck..? :D

Posted: 11/07/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Fruits Basket
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You, Akito, Ayame, Hana, Haru, Hatori, Kagura, Kisa, Kyo, Mine, Momiji, Ritsu, Shigure, Tohru, Uotani, Yuki

Description: I want a Shigure or Hatori oneshot or chaptered fic. ONly a few rules.

1. NO RAPE. I don't know how many times I can say this.
2. Reader insert or first person. If first person, please use one of my characters. My favorites right now are Tiamat and Evann. But feel free to choose whatever one you want. And if none appeal I have a few others that are not posted. Contact me about them.

Bonus Cookie Points
1. Involve one of them getting drunk and doing something hilarious
2. Make Yuki kiss Kyo by accident.
3. If chaptered, (and there is nothing wrong with me) maybe a lemon would give you extra points. No Yaoi or Yuri though.

Posted: 08/18/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV
Characters: Various

Description: This is something that I have stolen borrowed from Chibi Pierceye's thread on GaiaOnline.

Basically, you choose a series of games, anime, manga, books, or TV. Then you create a list of characters and write their names on small strips of paper. The papers should then be placed in a hat and drawn as pairs. This creates a challenge couple, or a challenge pairing. You must continue this process until all names have been drawn. The actual challenge begins after this point. You are required to write a one-shot fan-fic for each couple created by the luck of the draw. Some pairings may be easy, while others may prove to be much more difficult.

1. Choose a series or original story that you would like to write for. Anything and everything is usable by all.
2. Choose eight characters from your chosen series or original story. Write each character's name twice on little strips of paper. You should have 16 little papers.
3. Put all the papers into a hat (or whatever you want to use) and mix VERY well.
4. Draw the names in pairs. Write each couple down in a list until all names have been drawn. Your list should have eight couples or pairings.
(Note: You may redo this process up to three times, if you feel that some pairings are absolutely impossible to write for. Once you choose a final list, however, no changes may be made.)
5. Write a one-shot fic for each pairing on your list. Minimum of 500 words, but I'd love you forever if you made it 1000 or over.
6. Any rating is acceptable.
7. Have FUN!

I'll give you a [virtual] cookie if you use Bleach, Naruto, or Blood + characters. Two if you use Runefactory (Fantasy Harvest Moon) or The Queen's Knight characters.

Posted: 11/02/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gaming, Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: recently i've noticed that the ladies of kingdom hearts don't get as much appreciation as the boys do, so i thought, what better way to fix that than issue a challenge? however, i couldn't think of a good story idea to throw out for others to build on, so sadly, i had to go with the good ol' 100 word prompt idea.

however, i figured i could at least do something semi-original, and made them somewhat fairy tale-themed! of course, you, the writer, don't have to make it fantasy-ish! that's just the theme i went with for the prompts so i wasn't just throwing out random, boring words that weren't all that interesting.

now, for the rules!

rule #1, you can use any *female* character that appears in kingdom hearts! tifa, aqua, kairi, namine, aerith, i don't really care. but they have to be girls.

rule #2, i'm asking for a reader insert, and the reader has to be a female. sorry if that's not your thing, but that's how it's going to be!

rule #3, there's no word limit. you can make the chapters as long or as short as you want, and if anyone gives you grief about it, go ahead and tell 'em where to stick it!

rule #4, you don't have to do the prompts in any particular order, because honestly, i just wrote them down as they came to me, myself.

aaand finally, rule #5! all in all, you can do whatever you want, but i'm gonna have to ask that you refrain from crackfics. sorry, but i've never been a fan of the reader being portrayed as a hyper ditz, no offense intended if that's how you usually write them.

other than that, go all out! you wanna make this a tragedy where the reader dies? go ahead! wanna make this a domestic au? be my guest! wanna make it some kind of confusing 4th wall breaking mix between the real world and the video game world? have fun! feel like making them just a bunch of lime-y/lemony unconnected drabbles for some reason? as long as you rate it properly, go wild!

and now for the prompts!

o1. disenchanted
o2. clichÍ
o3. castle
o4. falling star
o5. eternity
o6. myth
o7. forget-me-not
o8. king
o9. queen
1o. daydream
11. prayer
12. union
13. numb
14. weapon
15. reaper
16. oath
17. sin
18. memory
19. fading
2o. echo
21. shadow
22. witch
23. breathe
24. armor
25. knight
26. break
27. hell
28. heaven
29. limbo
3o. que sera sera
31. galaxy
32. star
33. moon
34. sun
35. berserk
36. repentance
37. blood
38. god
39. can't
4o. faith
41. found
42. escape
43. ghost
44. hero
45. journey
46. riddle
47. fairytale
48. laughter
49. spine
5o. mercy
51. siren
52. key
53. dawn
54. dusk
55. twilight
56. tomorrow
57. hope
58. escape
59. heart
6o. sacrifice
61. dragon
62. struggle
63. destiny
64. home
65. forget
66. love
67. why
68. courage
69. weak
7o. together
71. forgiveness
72. protect
73. dizzy
74. sea
75. black
76. white
77. picture
78. immortal
79. glass
8o. god
81. secret
82. loss
83. irony
84. stop
85. time
86. sleep
87. fear
88. mend
89. history
9o. magic
91. limit
92. reunion
93. precious
94. hello
95. goodbye
96. midnight
97. mirror
98. remembrance
99. kingdom
1oo. happily ever after

Posted: 06/21/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Miscellaneous
Characters: None

Description: Heres your challenge: Write down all of your dreams for a month into a dream journal, then make a drabble about each. You may add in/change characters as you please. Send back to me as many as you can! I want to read them! No deadline, but like i said, approximately a month's worth of dreams.
Good luck!

Posted: 12/30/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gundam Wing
Characters: None

Description: This is a challenge that was issued on the Gundam Wing Lovers facebook group. This challenge will run from July 1st, 'till July 31st, and is only open to members of the facebook group. If you wish to join, please visit:, and request to become a member! :)

Here's the deal: The theme of the challenge will be Dreamy Summer Days(and you can take this theme in any direction, from lazy beach days, to summer parties, or summer storms, vacations, whatever you want). You can decide for yourself what you want to write about, which characters, and which rating, as long as it's Gundam Wing related.

Stories can be one-shots, vignettes, drabbles and/or drabble booklets, or multi-chaptered stories.

You can submit your stories from July 1st, 'till July 31st. This means that, if you decide to do a multi-chaptered story or drabble booklet, it has to be completed on that date.

You can post your story on any archive that you feel comfortable with, as long as you provide a link on the Gundam Wing Lovers FB page. I will make a document in which all links will be collected, along with the story titles and summaries.

Happy writing! :)

Posted: 06/06/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Movies & TV, Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: None

Description: Wrtie a story, reader insert or otherwise around the following:

A study of thousands of white men (all of them prisoners) found that for some reason, those with light eye colors like blue, green, gray or hazel, can handle more alcohol than men with dark eyes. And a totally different study of almost 2,000 women found that the same held true for them.

Even more interesting is the fact that this result was predicted before the study. Because apparently brown-eyed folks are more sensitive to medication and other stimuli, and that sensitivity is what prompts them to stop when they've had enough. Blue-eyed people, on the other hand, require more alcohol to get buzzed, so they develop a greater tolerance for the stuff. And according to the study, the blue-eyed people are also more likely to be alcohol abusers.

As for what eye color has to do with alcohol tolerance, scientists are still on the fence. One theory is that the amount of melanin in the eyes is directly related to the amount of melanin insulating neurons in the central nervous system, and that more melanin somehow translates to quicker nerve transmissions. In any case, you might want to think again before challenging someone with baby blues to a drinking contest.

Read more: 6 Intimate Details You Can Tell Just By Looking At Someone |

The article it's from is pretty halarious in itself so I hope to see some people taking up the challenge. Can be for any series, any rating.

Posted: 07/30/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Romance, Anime & Manga, Gaming, Nonfiction, Poetry & Song, Tales of the Abyss, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age: Origins
Characters: Other, Various

Description: 50 prompts on love and it's troubles. The feelings involved and what might happen.

- (Optional) Reader-insert
- Must be about love!
- Take the words for any meaning they might have. :D
- Have fun with it!!

1. Meeting
2. Getting Acquainted
3. Smile
4. Heart Beat
5. Laugh
6. Embrace
7. Love
8. Suffocating
9. Weight
10. Cry
11. Jealous
12. Kiss
13. Look At Me
14. Passion
15. Time
16. Losing Sleep
17. Heat
18. Sensation
19. Excite
20. Happy
21. Taken
22. Single
23. Finally
24. Regret
25. Insecure
26. Worry
27. Confirm
28. Feelings
29. Nervous
30. Desire
31. Love Me
32. First Date
33. Anniversary
34. Remember
35. Precious
36. Seduce
37. Promise
38. Accident
39. Break Up
40. Reunion
41. Misunderstanding
42. Canít Do It
43. Try Again
44. Connection
45. Walk Away
46. Reason
47. Bond
48. Pull Me Closer
49. Fill Me Up
50. Together Forever

Posted: 08/19/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: Oh noes! Character-X has gotten ahold of some drugs, and it's your duty to tell their story!
Okay, here's what you gotta do--Write 20 drabbles/ficlets using the list of drugs/pills/hormones etc. listed below.

1. All of them must be about a character ingesting/being exposed to said substance.
2. They can be about any anime character, in any fandom.
3. You don't have to do these in order.
4. They don't have to be reader inserts.
5. But reader inserts/oc's are accepted.
6. You can make them true-blue drabbles (100 words) if you want, but you don't have to.

Here are the prompts:

1. Aphrodisiac
2. Anger Pill
3. Laxative
4. Testosterone (male hormones)
5. Crossover Pill
6. Love Drug
7. Sleeping Pill
8. Misfortune Pill
9. Antidepressant
10. Estrogen (female hormones)
11. Depressant
12. Luck Pill
13. Speed
14. LSD (aka: acid)
15. Midlife Crisis Pill
16. Nonstop Talking Pill
17. Crack (cocaine or otherwise)
18. Hate Pill
19. Alcohol
20. Time Bomb

Have fun!!!

Posted: 08/05/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Inu Yasha, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Hellsing, Loveless, Death Note, Prince of Tennis, Trinity Blood, D.Gray-Man, Code Geass, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Tactics
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: An eleven prompt challenge.
Must be reader insert.
Obviously must use these prompts.

1. Happy Drunk
2. Depressed Drunk
3. Clingy Drunk
4. Honest Drunk
5. Romantic Drunk
6. Mad Drunk
7. Innocent Drunk
8. Violent Drunk
9. Confused Drunk
10. Funny Drunk
11. Self-Loathing Drunk

Posted: 04/15/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Yu-Gi-Oh
Characters: Duke

Description: ALRIGHT, SO. Duke Devlin needs some love! You can do whateeever you want with him, as long as you make it a reader insert / OC. ;) If you don't want to make it a romance fic, fine! Just write something with Duke Devlin and all his loveliness.

Posted: 08/14/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Reader

Description: Basically what has been happening is that I have been dying for an OC pairing with certain guys, my favorite two being Hiei/OC/Kurama and Kurama/OC/Kuronue. If someone, anyone, wil please make me one, I will post a really cool oneshot for them that my best friend made. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for her stories because she doesn't like the possibility of bad reviews. There are two stories, plus some I have gotten permisssion from the original authors to use. Message me if you are willing to take the offer.

Posted: 07/31/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Gaming, Assassin's Creed
Characters: None

Description: Write on a world that appears to be the perfect world, but is truly an unsalvageable depth of Hell with no hope what-so-ever.

Use some of these, if not all, to write a piece of literature of your choice. Donít need to be in order. :)

1. Deception
2. Lure
3. Mistake
4. Mystery
5. Wonder
6. Enter
7. Survey
8. Convince
9. Live
10. Experience
11. Bliss
12. Indulgence
13. Gluttony
14. Greed
15. Wrath
16. Dishonesty
17. Apathy
18. Pride
19. Disregard
20. Superiority
21. Reign
22. Lust
23. Capture
24. Absolution
25. Sloth
26. Peace
27. Break
28. Suspicion
29. Betray
30. Murder
31. Euphoria
32. Confusion
33. Shake
34. Break Away
35. Yearn
36. Look Back
37. Blank
38. Blood
39. Terror
40. Cry
41. Refuse
42. Denial
43. Torture
44. Insanity
45. Famine
46. Disease
47. Reveal
48. Crime
49. Illusion
50. Hell

Posted: 12/22/10 | Deadline: None
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