"I Want To Be A R O C K S T A R !" by Katqueen2
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: ...And really, who doesn't?
For this challenge, I want to take a few ninja or maybe some high school students who are smacked across the face with the gloved hand of opportunity. I don't honestly care if the main character is the one getting the gig or if it's the reader. This just sounded like fun!
Some specifications, of course.

1] You can use any anime or manga you want, though I would prefer if you used Naruto since I have yet to find a decent one like this.
2] It can be a one-shot, though I would prefer a chapter story. At LEAST 3500 words, please.
3] I don't really like OCs that much (Other than Hana), but as long as they aren't Mary Sue's I suppose it'll be fine. Same for Reader-Insert, though they are cooler than OCs to me...
4] I would prefer no lemons since I don't particularly like their random appearances for the most part. But, if it goes with the story line, knock yourself out.
5] Just wondering, if you know of Maresia's character Hana Fuzen...Yeah...Use her! ;D Don't have to, but it'd be cool.
6] Please make it a full band and there will be conflict! Teh D R A M A!!!
7] Have fun! No one likes a crappy fic because the author didn't even put effort into it, thank you!

Good luck~

Posted: 06/13/09 | Deadline: None

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