"The Unloved" by Castle
Categories: Black Cat
Characters: None

Description: I confess, this is entirely a result of my River obsession, but let's not stop it there: anything focusing on characters other than Train. Character centric pieces for Sven, Eve, Jenos, Sephiria, Kevin, River, Charden, Kyoko, Creed, Echinda, Saya... anyone! I'd love to see something for the ultra-minor characters, too. Maybe a one-shot of Silphy or a drabble for Fudou.

It's time Train stepped aside and let the other characters shine.

There's really no rules I can think if or deem important, nor do I have a specific story type in mind. Just a little love for the unloved.

Posted: 04/07/09 | Deadline: None


Black Cat

Rated: All | Warnings: Crackfic, Fluff, Product of High Sugar Intake, Silliness
Main Characters: Various, Eve
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Romance | Story Types: Collection, General, One Shot
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 2106 words | Complete: No

Summary: A one shot booklet of random pairings, the lady being Black Cat's Eve and the gentleman being... well, whoever I get inspired to write for.

{One Shots - 1}
{Eve x Leon is Up!}
Published: 12/29/08 | Updated: 12/29/08

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