"What Do the Flowers Mean?" by Morphine
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Description: This seemed interesting to me.Not sure if someone's done it yet D:
Write a series of drabbles,one-shots,ficlets,whatever you want that have to do with the flowers and their meanings listed.If the flower has more than one meaning,choose whichever one you like the most.Sounds easy right? :D It is!You can change the title if you want,it doesn't matter.

Flowers and Their Meanings:
Ambrosia: Love Requited
Amaryllis: Pridefulness
Arbutus: Only Thee Do I Love
Bird of Paradise: Usually given these days by a woman to a man to symbolize faithfulness
Black Bryont: Be my support
Christmas Rose: Allay my disquiet
Daffodil: The sun is bright when I am with you, Respect, Sunshine, Unrequited love, Regard
Date-Plum: Resistance
Dog Rose: Pleasure and Pain
Eucalyptus: Protection
Flowering Reed: Confide in heaven
Gardenia: Secret love, You are lovely
Hyacinth (Yellow): Jealousy
King’s Spear: Regret
Nasturtium: Victory in Battle, Conquest
Narcissus (White): Selfishness
Ophrys Fly: Mistake
Rhododendron: I am dangerous, Danger, Beware
Thornapple: I dreamed of thee
Zinnia: Thoughts of absent friends

Posted: 03/23/09 | Deadline: None

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