"The Fourth" by Rougeberry
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Reader, 4th Hokage

Description: I would like to see a reader insert with the reader/you paired with Minato, the fourth hokage. I don't care if it's AU, or actually in the real setting of Naruto, just make it good and believable.

Do not give the reader a name. Do not give the reader any physical attributes, as in do not give her/him a hair/eye color. Do not make the reader Naruto's mother, or you've completely failed. Do not go crazy with OCs. Do not angst or unrequit love me to death.

The Fourth doesn't have to die either if you're going for something AU, it could be an affair or before he met or whatever he did with Naruto's mother to make a baby. Or you don't even have to add anything about Naruto's mom. Mutual feelings with this pairing isn't neccesarry, but it would be nice! Lemons/limes are not neccesary, but it has to be at least PG-13.

Add how many other canon characters you want, but don't let them take the spotlight from the reader/you or the fourth/Minato. This would also be failure.

Well, I challenge you. Do you think you can handle it? ;D

Posted: 03/23/09 | Deadline: None

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