"Forbidden Love" by Cassiel Lorna
Categories: Kuroshitsuji
Characters: Ciel Phantomhive, Other, Sebastian Michaelis

Description: A girlciel/sebastian story.

With many suitors set to capture ciel's hand in marriage, ciel become depressed because the one she likes is sebastian but she is not sure that sebastian feels the same way what with him flirting with other ladies and female servants occasionally but never with her. In fact, mostly he taunts her, mocking her most of the time but he still can't hid his concern for her occassionally in rare moment like ciel's life-threatening moment (kidnapping and stuff), ciel got molested by one of her suitors, etc. Of course, there is also the fact that sebastian's status as her butler would make it impossible for them to have acceptable relationship in society. Ciel herself felt sick with her suitors whom she believes only after her riches.

That the basic plot. Any other plot and the excitement and element of surprise for the story is up to the writers that would like to accept this challenge and actually write it. Please don't forget to write about the contract between them and your take about what happen in the future regarding the contract. The story doesn't necessarrily 100% romance, other genres like horror, tragedy, adventure and fantasy are very much welcomed. Let your muse out for this challenge!

Multiplies response is more than welcome! Multiplies and long chapters are very much encouraged. One-shot is acceptable if you could write a really long filled-with-goodness one-shot.

Thank you for anyone who took the time to read this and actually respond and actually writing it! You're the joy of the world!!

Posted: 01/16/09 | Deadline: None

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