"Allen Walker Lemony Love" by Kimariwarui
Categories: D.Gray-Man
Characters: Allen Walker, Reader, You

Description: As I've seen so far...There hasn't been any lemons for Allen Walker as of yet. But maybe I didn't check well enough. Fanfictions I've seen so far that had a chance were either never updated or will take a while to update, but after five or so months...It does get irritating. Understandable though, so it's fine. People have lives and such. Anyways...

I know the facts of Allen..He's polite, a gentleman, but it would be nice to know how people view character's actions in lemons.
Some ideas would be...hormones, tickle match gone right..xD' some experiment gone wrong and turned Allen 'evil' like when he plays cards..8D

Honestly..I think it would go smoother if Allen was dating the girl / OC / you; reader. Longer the better. It's more...awkward if he just met you / reader.

It actually makes me think about Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach..xDDD Allen and Ichigo are alike in ways. Shy when it comes to girls...And completely clueless when it comes to a girl with feelings for them.
No yaoi please..@ @ I can find enough of that anywhere..And my yaoi fangirlism is withered into nothing as of now.

I'm wondering....
Is anyone up to this challenge~?

Allen Walker x You / Reader Lemon
No Deadline

Posted: 10/21/08 | Deadline: None

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