"Yaoi = Love!" by Aquashadow13
Categories: Dragon Knights
Characters: Alfeegi, Bierrez, Fedelta, Garfakcy, Gil, Kai-stern, Kharl, Lykouleon, Nadil, Nohiro, Original Character(s), Rath Illuser, Reader, Ringleys, Rune, Ruwalk, Sabel, Shydeman, Tetheus, Thatz, Zoma

Description: Okie-dokie my lovily yaoi fans! This is my simple request: Yaoi plz!

More specifically: something angst-y, deep, fluffy, and dripping with man-on-man love.
My personal preferances would be some Ruwalk/alfeegi, Rune/Thatz/Rath (interchangeable between the three of course and threesomes), and the like. I really don't care who it is, as long as it's yaoi.

extra points if the story is about Alfeegi or Rune!
Even more points if you kill off Tintlet and/or Cesia! (sorry fans, but I just don't like them.)

Oh, last thought: I don't mind one shots, but I prefer multi-chapter fics :)

Last-last thought: OC's/Reader insert is all right, as long as it remains a ?Yaoi fic.

With that said: good luck every one! if you have any questions, e-mail me at :)

Posted: 10/19/08 | Deadline: None

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