"Dictionary Disaster" by miss_x_sunshine
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Description: What you need to do is write 5 one-shot/drabbles that are based around a 5 different random words from the dictionary. I will supply you with the words and definitions.

But there are rules.

1. Multiply however many letters there are in the word by two and that's how many minutes you have to write it
2. You may use any anime/manga, book, movie whatever, but please put a disclaimer
3. It doesn't have to have a pairing. It could be just about one character or OC

Okay, here are the words:

ENTOMOLOGY: n. the branch of zoology that deals with insects
BICENTENIAL: adj. happening every 200 years; n. a 200th aniversary
RECONAISSANCE: n. the survey of a region esp. to obtain military information about an enemy
(here's a funny one)
SPERMATOZOON n. the male germ cell, found in semen (I hope I don't have to put the rest of the definition....)
ANATHEMA n. 1. a person or thing accursed or damned 2. anything greatly detested 3. any strong curse


Posted: 08/30/08 | Deadline: None

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