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Description: As I am a new member to this site I am not aware of wether or not this has been done... Here's hoping it hasn't...

Okay pick 10 of your OC's (Be sure to provide a list of the ten characters in the random order that will be referred to and brief discription to provide readers with insight on the present characters) and place them in the following situations...

1. 3 and 8 invite you to stay the night at their place. Who do you choose and why?
2. 4 is bored what do they do to remedy this?
3. 1 and 2 have been dating for a year, but 2 is really in love with 5. How does 2 break this to 1.
4. 3 is feeling down. What do you do to cheer them up?
5. 9 goes over to 6's house to play video games. Porn is playing on 6's PS2. How does 6 explain? 9's reaction?
6. 8 invites you to a strip club. What happens upon arrival?
7. 6 is having a birthday party and doesn't invite 7. How does 7 take react?
8. 1 leaves 2 for 7 and 5 starts dating 10. How does 2 take this?
9. 10 winds up drunk and wakes up naked in bed next to 4. 9 walks in. What is everyone's reaction?
10. Everyone gathers around to plan something together. What is it and how does it go?

Please use plenty of discription. That is my main request.

Now that you've finished tag a friend to have a go at this challenge.

Posted: 08/07/08 | Deadline: None

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