"50 Shades of Gray Fullbuster" by theheadoftheKGB
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Description: I’m surprised this hasn’t been thought up of yet. The challenge is to create a ficlet, series of oneshots, or a multi chaptered story featuring Gray Fullbuster and an OC or reader.

The rules:
1. Must be a GrayxOC or GrayxReader story, preferably no drabbles. Side pairings are allowed, but main pair must be with Gray.
2. There are 75 words listed—select 50 for your “shades”. They do not need to be in order.
3. Lemons and limes are encouraged allowed, therefore any rating goes.

Note: If you choose to do GrayxReader, please refrain from entering blanks or “Y/N”, etc. where he says your name or talks about appearances.

I will also be participating in the challenge to get things started. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Also, be sure to put "Response to 50 Shades of Gray Challenge" somewhere in the description.

Otherwise, no restrictions or deadlines, so have at it!

o1. Twisted
o2. Imperfection
o3. Sarcasm
o4. Temptation
o5. Addiction
o6. Greed
o7. Innocence
o8. Hair
o9. Pulse
1o. Drunk
11. Clothes
12. Nothing
13. Bed
14. Unreciprocated
15. Jaded
16. Smoke
17. Hollow
18. Day Off
19. Pet
2o. Punish
21. Passion
22. Vulgar
23. Breakdown
24. Lollipop
25. Deep
26. Home
27. Road
28. Silence
29. Fight
3o. Shirt
31. Late
32. Behave
33. Bathe
34. Sunrise
35. Stare
36. Pool
37. Dusk
38. Wild
39. Fascination
4o. Magic
41. Belong
42. Paranoid
43. Forgive
44. Dirty
45. Coffee
46. Claustrophobic
47. Cowardly
48. Blunt
49. Courageous
5o. Weight of the World
51. Snow
52. Tattoo
53. Catatonic
54. Irritation
55. Sabotage
56. Sanctum
57. Altruistic
58. Aurora
59. Cacophobic
6o. Ruthless
61. Daiquiri
62. White
63. Nicotine
64. Entwine
65. Unraveling
66. Restless
67. Talented
68. Distance
69. Dance
7o. Blind
71. Date
72. Every Single Day
73. Weakness
74. Suit
75. Kiss

Posted: 03/13/14 | Deadline: None

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