"Just Haven't Met You Yet" by Cousin_of_a_Serial_Killer
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Description: I was going to attempt the "Drawn from a Hat" challenge on this site, and as I was drawing characters' names, I realized that some of them had never met before, like Jake and Nepeta from Homestuck.

So this is my challenge for you:
Take two characters from the same series that have never met before and see if you can write a story in which they meet. No crossovers because that would be too easy. I mean, obviously, if the characters are from two totally different universes, there would be no way they'd ever meet, so the goal is to get you to think about one fandom and the characters in it and see who's met and who hasn't and how they would react to meeting new people within their own universe.

No reader-inserts for this one because I want the focus to be the canon characters. I guess OCs are okay, but the OC must have a minor role in the story, and the main characters have to be the two canon ones.
Can be romance if you want it to be.
But the characters do not have to become lovers. In fact, they do not even have to become friends. They could meet and then discover that they hate each other. Who knows?
Any series, as long as you only stick to one. And any genre; lemons, angst, crack, whatevs~
One-shot or chapter stories. I don't really care.

Please say in your summary that your story is a response to this challenge.

And most importantly, be creative and have fun!

Posted: 07/16/13 | Deadline: None

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