"An Angel's Wrath" by Tsuri-Born
Categories: Supernatural
Characters: Castiel, Reader, You

Description: *This Challenge was inspired by a drabble I read*

Supernatural time scale: After season 3 but before season 6 ('cause season 6 is where Castiel's loyalty becomes dubious)

(Main) Reader x Castiel
Castiel does not have to feel romantically towards the reader; however, it is prefered that Cas and the Reader end up together.

(Past) Reader x OC or minor Supernatural character

On with the plot requirements:

Reader must be pregnant, to the point when she would be showing. The OC or minor SPN character must ditch her after realizing he knocked her up.

Reader must be written in mid to late 20s. She could be a hunter who did a "Sam" and has left the hunting business for an "Apple pie life," or she could be a girl of collateral damage as seen in episodes 1.19 "Provenance" with Sarah and episode 7.20 "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" with Charlie, except she joined the Winchesters on a few cases, long enough to meet Castiel and bond with/ fall in love with him. Thus, leaving Castiel with protective and/or unrequited feelings towards the reader, when she opts out of continuing this path.

Sam and Dean must run into Rea-tan on a case, she ends up getting mixed up in their mess when their target goes after her. Castiel is somehow added into the equation which will lead up to him asking who got the reader pregnant, she will get upset and tell him (because she would trust Cas) and Castiel goes off and smites the idjit.

From there the story can end with the reader going her own way after giving birth or Castiel sticks with the reader to protect her and support her throughout her pregnancy and is like a father to her child.

This story can be multi-chaptered or a one-shot, it is up to the author. Angel smut is desired but not required, and the author can create a conflict where the reader is used as a hostage to get Castiel.

Please contact me if you create or already have a story that follows these lines.

Posted: 05/21/13 | Deadline: None

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