"27 Day Writing Prompt Challange" by OmNomNomAttack
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Description: Ok, so you have to do the prompts in order and don't skip a day but that's it. The prompt can be used in the story or as a part of the title or even just give you inspiration.

Day 1 -- It started with a bang.
Day 2-- The other one.
Day 3-- Five's a crowd.
Day 4-- In the graveyard that day.
Day 5-- Shot him in the foot.
Day 6-- Were sorry, your caller cannot be reached.
Day 7-- No one likes waiting.
Day 8-- Intensive care.
Day 9-- Utter silence.
Day 10-- Precious metals.
Day 11-- The other side of the mirror.
Day 12-- My biggest mistake...
Day 13-- The worst day ever.
Day 14-- Toy Soldier.
Day 15-- Hold your breath.
Day 16-- Impossible task.
Day 17-- A little bit of comfort.
Day 18-- Eating habits.
Day 19-- Its a family thing.
Day 20-- Three wishes.
Day 21-- Remember when this seemed like a good idea?
Day 22-- And he was wearing the most ridiculous hat.
Day 23-- Two lies and one truth.
Day 24-- The night before...
Day 25-- Some Holiday cheer.
Day 26-- Were almost there.
Day 27-- It could have been worse.

Posted: 04/06/13 | Deadline: None

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