"Help me find a Kyoya Ootori Fanfic! ... ALREDY WRITTEN" by kawaiinothing
Categories: Ouran High School Host Club
Characters: Kyoya

Description: Hey Guys!
I'm actually a derp and my old Luna account was hacked, which had all my Favorites...
Well among those favorites was a Kyoya Ootori fanfic, from Ouran Highschool Host Club! This was my super-ultra favorite! Don't get me wrong, I don't need you guys to write one, I need you to find one for me.
The basic plot was that the reader and Kyoya started falling in love, and at the very end, she was placed in an arranged marriage. As she went to turn down her fiancee, he lost his temper and attacked her, and Kyoya came and saved the day. Then, it goes to Kyoya and reader in a hospital room, and he confesses his love.
Do ANY of you recognize this?! I would love you SOOO much if you found this, and would pay you back for it. If you know the author or the story title, please tell me! I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! (And yes, I've looked... and looked... and searched and scoured and everything! And I'm sure it exists!))

Posted: 02/15/13 | Deadline: None

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