"Trickster for a Treat" by Little Raven
Categories: Movies & TV, Supernatural
Characters: Gabriel

Description: Find your favorite Trickster legend/myth from around the world, and rewrite that legend/myth in contemporary times from The Trickster/Gabriel's point of view. How would the story change to fit modern society (and also humans as apart from animals?)

So, for example, Hermes (the messenger of the gods) stole Apollo's (the sun god) special cattle. You could tweak that a bit to be a story about how our beloved Gabe-ster, in order to humiliate a cocky surfer (a sun god in a way), stole the man's tricked-out Mustang.

Your one-shot short story has to have an easily recognizable trick in it, and you should include an author's note describing what Trickster myth you used and why.

Try to stay in character with the Trickster and any of the other canon characters (Dean, Sam, Castiel, etc.) who might feature in your story.

Because the Trickster is funny, your one-shot should be funny too. If you're humor-challenged like me, take Mark Twain's advice about writing comedy: do it deadpan. As in, write it as seriously as you can, and people will theoretically be in stitches. Yeah, it makes no sense to me either, but it works.

My favorite examples will be given shout-outs in the stories I'm writing. I'm thinking I'll pick the three best and rank them first, second, third, and then there will be a fourth that I'll call honorable mention.

Posted: 12/14/12 | Deadline: None

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