"can this really be love" by meliway1530
Categories: Anime & Manga, Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Hiei

Description: this story is about hiei finding a abandoned baby girl. she was abandoned because she is a half breed.hiei decides to take her under his wing and raise her.hiei names her suri. he teaches her how to defend herself and how to use different types of weapons.she is not that much younger than he is but looks younger due to her being a half breed after all.

her appearance:
shes at least 4 years younger than hiei
she just as short as hiei
she has long dark hair that she pins up everytime.
shes pale skined
dresses in dark shades,
corsettes and mid knee skrits

as soon as hiei decides its okay for her to fend on her own he leaves to find the 3 artifacts with kurama and gouki. soon hiei joins the spirit detective team.

suri now alone befriends a group bandits that see her as easy prey and use to try to steal lord koenmas binky.she soon gets caught and is sentenced to death.hiei hears that she was going to be sentenced and soon asks koenma if he can take her under his wing once more after hiei explains that she is close to him.koenma agrees and she becomes part the team.

after the bandits find out she is still alive they decided to track her down to kill her.since they see it as shes a that shes with the detectives they must help defend her or be killed off by hiei.

hiei and suri have a very close relationship,he defends her with his life and makes sure shes always happy. she and hiei are suppose to end up as a couple.

her personality is very upbeat though she loves fighting. in battles she tends to be cocky and never gives up.when the battle looks bleak that's when she eases off to make her escape.she is a very skilled fighter just as hiei is though she may not be as quick as him she is very graceful killer.

any questions please ask me :)

Posted: 08/19/12 | Deadline: None

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