"What is 'Teenage Love'~?" by Chibi_Piri-chan
Categories: Vocaloid
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: 1.) You can go ahead and use this as long as you mention me somewhere!

2.) Your Prompts:
= It's waking up early in the morning just so you can walk with him to school
= It's going to school, even if you felt bad, just to see his face
= It's staying up till 11:11 just so you can make a wish about him, even though you didn't believe in those things
= It's stealing his notebook just so he would wrap his arms around you
= It's purposely leaving your jacket at home just so he would give you his
= It's hearing a love song and thinking of him with every word
= It's changing routes to your classes in the hallway just so you could see him getting yelled at for being late again
= It's spending an hour thinking of his flaws but find none
= It's the butterflies in your stomach you get around him and only him
= It's giving him bad advise when he's going on a date with someone that isn't you
= It's stuttering and blushing because you're so close to him
= It's daydreaming so much that you keep on running into walls (The upside is that he's always there to help you up~!)
= It's when you find out that all the times he was asking for advice on wooing a girl was so he could use it on you
= It's when he finally gathers enough courage to ask you out and in the most cutest and silliest way possible
= It's when you finally get your first kiss from him, out of jealousy too!

Posted: 06/04/12 | Deadline: None

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