"Tenshi Kara Tentou :: Angel From Heaven" by SakuraKitty
Categories: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Reader, You, Botan, Hiei, Keiko, Koenma, Kurama, Kuwabara, Yukina, Yusuke

Description: It's about a girl who has midback icy blue hair and red eyes. She has been a slave to a man for sevearel years and he would beat her and rape her and he told her never to speak and if she did, he would beat her. Then one day the gang comes and saves her, but they still need to take down the man that enslaved her. She is an angel. She is thankful for them saving her, but she is a bit scared of them. They try to help her to speak again, she won't try at first; but then she starts trying to speak. She has to write down everything she wants to say. Her name is Amatsu. You can have romance if you want, I'd like it if you did; but no yaoi. If you have romance make it with Kurama or Hiei or you can make it Yuri. I'd like for it to be reader insert. Make it have the same title has the challenge.

Posted: 03/02/07 | Deadline: None

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