"naruto mokuton piece " by shiva123
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Description: During the battle of the valley of the end. Sasuke defeats naruto. and goes to train with orochimaru.

Naruto ends up in far away from the elemental continent at the Grand Line

Here he is discovered in the ocean by the straw hat pirates.

The straw hats try to help him get back home.


Naruto has mokuton bloodline limit

Naruto would be in the grand line for two years. Straw hats find him after Brook becomes a crew member but before reaching Sanbody

Include naruto regaining consciousness and meeting the crew

Due to his injury naruto won't be at full strength until two years later

at first he will be a little cold to the crew

you choose where kuma sends him, it can be in the grand line or in the four blues

He will be there for two years

meaning the whitebeard war will have happened

And the fourth ninja war will be starting

The akatsuki and The allied shinobi nations are looking for Naruto

any pairing or even harems but No yaio

You can decide if Naruto eats a devil fruit. If he dose it has to be original and if he awakens haki but that will

happen during the two year training period

rest is up to you

Good Luck

pm me if you are interested in it

Posted: 04/02/12 | Deadline: None

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