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Description: 1. Rickrolling
2. Took An Arrow On The Knee (Skyrim)
3. Took A Rocket To The Face (Mass Effect)
4. Assuming Direct Control (Mass Effect)
5. The Cake Is A Lie (Portal)
6. All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Zero Wing)
7. Photobomb
8. Like A Boss
9. Jizz In My Pants
10. Come At Me Bro
11. I Never Asked For This (Deus Ex: Revolution)
12. It's Lupus (House)
13. Assbutt (Supernatural)
14. Bazinga (The Big Bang Theory)
15. Cockblock
16. One Does Not Simply _____ into Mordor (Lord of the Rings)
17. Tonight We Dine In Hell (300)
18. M.I.L.F./D.I.L.F.
19. I'm A Glass Case Of Emotion (Anchorman)
20. Get In My Belly (Austin Powers)
21. I'm In Lesbian With You (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)
22. You Get Nothing! You Lose! Good Day Sir! (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
23. Release The Kraken (Clash of the Titans)
24. Yer a wizard, Harry (Harry Potter)
25. My...Preeeecciiiioooouuus (Lord of the Rings)
26. You Shall Not Pass (Lord of the Rings)
27. But Why Is The Rum Gone? (Pirates of the Caribbean)
28. Shagadelic Baby, Yeah! (Austin Powers)
29. Haters Gonna Hate
30. Snake In A Box (Metal Gear)
31. That's What She Said
32. What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen
33. You Mad?
34. What Is This? I Don't Even
35. Pics Or It Didn't Happen
36. Cool Story, Bro
37. I See What You Did There
38. Do Want/Do Not Want
39. Fail/Win
40. You're Doing It Wrong
41. Your Argument Is Invalid
42. Rage Quit
43. Derp
44. Owned/Pwned
45. F.M.L.
46. Swag
47. Challenge Accepted
48. Deal With It
49. And Not A Single Fuck Was Given/Not A Single Fuck Was Given That Day
50. 'Dat Ass
51. I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore (Futurama)
52. Note Sure If ____ or ____ (Futurama)
53. Are You Fucking Kidding Me?
54. O Rly?/Oh Really?
55. Oh God Why
56. It's's Super Effective (Pokemon)
57. My Body Is Ready
58. Keep Calm And Carry On
59. The Game
60. You Gonna Get Raped
61. T.L.D.R.
62. Everyday I'm Shufflin'
63. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
64. Yo ____, I'm Real Happy For You, And I'mma Let You Finish, But ____ Has/Is The ____ (Kanye West)
65. The See Me Rollin'
66. I'm In The Middle Of Some Calibrations (Mass Effect)
67. Kill It With Fire
68. Let Me Guess, Someone Stole Your Sweetroll (Skyrim)
69. Party Hard
70. Where Is Your God Now?
71. Shit Just Got Real (Bad Boys II)
72. Seems Legit/Sounds Legit
73. Forever Alone
74. I Need An Adult
75. Give Me Your Face (Transformers)
76. ____ Is Not Amused
77. Butthurt
78. No, This Is Patrick (Spongebob Squarepants)
79. Calm Yo Tits
80. Why So Serious? (The Dark Knight)
81. Me Gusta
82. Dishonor On Your Cow (Mulan)
83. Worst. _Noun_. Ever. (Simpsons)
84. Shut Up And Take My Money (Futurama)
85. All Glory To The Hypnotoad (Futurama)
86. Damn, Nature! You Scary!
87. I Sent That Bitch A Smiley Face...Bitches Love Smiley Faces (The Boondocks)
88. This Is Sparta! (300)
89. Do A Barrel Roll (Star Fox 64)
90. It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This (The Legend of Zelda)
91. I've Seen Enough Hentai To Know Where This Is Going
92. Facepalm
93. Close Enough
94. This Is Relevant To My Interest
95. Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wives Hide Your Husbands Cuz They're Rapin' Everybody Out Here (Antoine Dodson)
96. Is This Real, Or Is This Just Fantasy?
97. Grab My _____
98. I Got 99 Problems But A _____ Ain't One
99. Sweet Jesus
100. Fuck Yeah
101. Sausage Fest
102. Pedobear
103. Poker Face
104. Nyan Cat
105. Creepypasta
106. Yo Dawg
107. Finish Him/Finish Her (Mortal Kombat)
108. Peanut Butter Jelly Time (The Buckwheat Boyz)
109. Aliens/Ancient Aliens/Itís was the aliens/I donít know therefore aliens (History Channel series Ancient Aliens)
110. **Anything You Want/Anything I Missed**

For this challenge you pretty much write a book of drabbles, or one-shots or ficlets. You basically use the popular internet memes above as your prompts for each chapter for whatever fandom you're writing about. It doesn't matter if you follow the order or not. This is open to any fandom, any genre and style of writing such as Reader-inserts, OCs, Self-insert, etc. Just be sure to let it be known that you're doing this challenge (DamnBlackHeart's 110 Writing Meme Challenge) somewhere in your summary or author's note.

Also, when you see the blank mark which is this ____ that means you fill that in with whatever you want. Example: I got 99 problems but a dragon ain't one. If you have any questions feel free to ask/contact me through my profile.

Posted: 02/21/12 | Deadline: None


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Crackfic, Crude Humor, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Product of High Sugar Intake, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations, Silliness, Spoilers, Strong Language
Main Characters: Reader, Various
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fluff, Friendship, General, Humor, Romance | Story Types: Collection, Drabble, Ficlet, Parody, Reader Insert
Length: 5 chapter(s) / 5893 words | Complete: No

Summary: They found you amusing. Sometimes adorable. Most of the time thought, downright insufferable.

You? You found yourself awesome. Especially when annoying the crap out of them.

Published: 03/02/12 | Updated: 05/25/12

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