"Love Boundaries " by xXMajorsDarlinXx
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Description: Ashley strummed her small hands against the keyboard, waiting for inspiration to hit. Instead her brown orbs scanned over her room as she seen her small child play with toys and stuffed animals.
She still had no idea what to do .

So she grabbed her second laptop, and opened the Word Document, deciding to do a contest since her first challenge was a major bust!

She didn't have anything elsebetter to do, nor did she have the motivation to write anything since her mind kept bring up blanks.

" Love Boundaries", She recalls from a book she once read. "Maybe this could be about Love, relationships and crazy things in between."

And thus, she began to type away to her hearts content.

The Rules

1. You MUST write for the different prompts instead of just one.

2. OC's [No Mary-Sues]and Reader-Inserts are fine.

3. If your going to do Lemons/ Explicted , then its fine.

4. Yaoi/Yuri , Shojo-ai,Shonen-ai, AU and Friendship is allowed.

5.CanonXCanon , CanonXReader, and CanonXReaderXCanon pairingsare allowed

6. Minimum Entries is five.

7 Since My Fandom expertise is slim, I will Only take the ones I have listed below, maybe some exceptions.

8. Please Messege me if you plan on entering, even if its just for fun. After you write your first entry Please messege me the link to it.

9. Feel Free to Ask Anything. I don't bite ~

10. Please include in your entry messege the phrase, " Life is just one big risk, we are willing to take". So that I know you have read my odd rules!

11. All entries are due May 15th, So I may start judging that weekend.


Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler I&II



Axis Power Hetalia

Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Heart No Kuni No Alice

Vampire Knight


Ouran High School Host Club


What I will Be Looking For

Creative use of the prompts;

Nice layouts;

Grammar/ spelling- please please, just do it;

Quality- Please make them at least a decent size, because less than half a page will not cut it!

First: 5 Drabble series- 3
Second: 5 Drabble series-2
Third: 5 Drabble series-1
Everyone that enters willget a single complimentary drabble !

The Prompts

-Trust issues-
-Just A Simple Kiss-
-Strawberries and Whip Cream-
-Whips and Chains-
-Broken Smile-
-Wedding Dress-
-We weren't meant to be-
- Boundaries-
-Screw you-
-I hate you-
-Don't make promises-
-It's your love-
-Keep on believing-
-Read my mind-
-What did you do-
-Cheater, cheater-
-Touch Me-
-Mixed Feelings-
-Angry Love-
-Drunk Love-
-Pathetic Love-
-Teddy Bears-
- Cell Phone-
-Secret Text-

Please enjoy yourself while participating in this contest, just have fun~
XOXOX Ashley

Posted: 09/01/11 | Deadline: None

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