"Love for the Lovable Un-loved!" by TwilightPrinny
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Characters: Various

Description: Ever loved a character, but notice that they don't have much love going around? Well, that's probably because either that character is a more or less disliked by all kind of character or you haven't written a story about him/her yet!

That's the challenge. If you want a story about a certain character and can't find it, write the story yourself, so others can enjoy it when they want someone on him/her/who ever you choose! (Yeah, I was thinking of Chrona just then....)

1) Must be about a character that's not mentioned more than, at the very most 15-20 times (taking popular anime such as Naurto in mind, with all it's stories and stuff.)
2) No cross-overs, please. It's about that certain under loved character, not all of them.
3) To make things worth reading, stories should be at least a triple drabble in length (300 words-ish) to whatever length you desire. (Because, well, I dunno about you, but I find it
a waste of 20 seconds of my life to read things that are less than 100 words long.)
4) Be creative! :D

Other Stuff You'd Probably Like To Know
Well, anything goes, just so long as it's characters that aren't loved. It'd be nice to keep them the same gender, you see, but if you feel the need to change them, so be it. Any rating, any fandom, any type of story (Except bashings pwease!) are acceptable for this challenge. Yaoi, yuri, songfics, lemons, fluff. Whatever. Just no bashings or one-sided flings, because that's not giving love! That's like rubbing alcohol into a wound!

So, get started! Any questions, I guess you can just ask. But pretty much everything's already been clarified....Maybe...

Posted: 08/04/11 | Deadline: None

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