"Training the Pansy-A$$ Runts!" by Adelia_Music_Whore
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Description: Samara is a beautiful, young 15 year old girl with the amazing battle prowess that is often compared to that of a goddess of war. She is brought in by Colonel Mustang to train a small class of soldiers that need dire improvement in their battle skills. Dante catches word of this class, and sends Envy to kill and replace one the students, so that she and Father may learn if this "man" that was to train them was a threat to their plans. The entire class, including Envy, was shocked when they found out that their trainer was a teenage girl with deceivingly harmless looks. However, she shows the all male class to fear when she castrates a man because of a crude comment on her clothing and attire. She continues to shock the class with her spunk, battle skills, continuous cussing, and her insane methods of training! Envy intrigued by the girl, is even more shocked when at the end of the day, she calls him Out and asks if he thought her stupid enough to not notice a Homunculus in her midst.

-Samara must end up with Envy in the end(OCxEnvy/EnvyxOC$
-prefer at least 10 chapters
-lemons/limes are HIGHLY encouraged
-be creative :)

^^that is how I imagined her and how she dresses:)
-she has inky black hair and violet eyes
-her out fit is various hues of green, as if made of leaves
-her shoes are grey leather
-she has olive skin
-red lips, bright violet eyeshadow

Have fun:)

Posted: 06/21/11 | Deadline: None

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