"Seto Kaiba/OC" by otaku316
Categories: Yu-Gi-Oh
Characters: Seto Kaiba

Description: I would like to see a fic where Seto Kaiba gets stranded. I'm thinking that someone in Kaiba Corp. arranged for his flight to broker a deal with an American CEO to crash so that they could take over the company. He ends up surviving the crash and is taken in and nursed back to health by a farmer and his family, who just so happen to have a daughter that he'll EVENTUALLY fall in love with...assuming she can learn to put up with his attitude. (I'm thinking she can teach him a thing or two by making him work off his debt to her family by doing some manual labor around the farm. The thought of Kaiba all shirtless and sweaty is really hot. And if he happens to fall into some cow-patties, then maybe it'll do his ego a little good. lol.)

I'm thinking that Kaiba has either forgotten who he is or he decides to use a fake name because he doesn't want anyone in Kaiba Corp. knowing he's alive until he can get to the bottom of this. Wither Mokuba is stranded with him or is left behind and assembles a search and rescue mission is up to you. But it's probably obvious to say that the family who ends p saving him/them won't know who he is...or maybe they do but don't let on. ("Hey, it was harvest season and we needed all the help we could get."-OC says with cocky smirk.)

If you need any help with creating the OC feel free to ask, I'm always willing to help. But PLEASE, no Mary-Sues or cliche hick/redneck OC's. He wasn't rescued by the Beverly Hillbillies or Dukes of Hazard. Just because someone is a farmer doesn't mean she's into country music and rodeos. Oh, and I'm thinking Kaiba is a little older then he is the manga/anime. Somewhere between 20-30 years of age.

Posted: 06/06/11 | Deadline: None

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