"50 Easy Steps to World Peace" by Nemure
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Description: Machiavelli.

Simple. Make your character, original, canon, I don't care...rule make peace in the world, or attempt to, by using these 50 easy steps to world domination peace.

I. Realization
II. Preparation
III. Persuasion
IV. Rising Up
V. Gain Power
VI. Maintain Power
VII. Train Yourself
VIII. Recruit
IX. Command Loyalty
X. Train Physically
XI. Train Spiritually
XII. Take Command
XIII. Plan Ahead
XIV. Initiate
XV. Trim the Traitors
XVI. Acquire Resources
XVII. Distribute
XVIII. Put into Action
XIX. Public Display
XX. Exert Power
XXI. Gain Followers
XXII. Subjugate
The People
XXIII. Scare your Enemies
XXIV. Stop Unrest
XXV. Deal with Rebels
XXVI. Rid Potential Threats
XXVII. Move On
XXVIII. Wage War
XXIX. Secretly Remove
XXX. Play Dirty
XXXI. Claim Innocence
XXXII. Cover Up
XXXIII. Gain Powerful Allies
XXXIV. Destroy Opposition
XXXV. Rise Steadily
XXXVI. Make the Laws
XXXV. Enforce the Laws
XXXVI. Change the World
XXXVII. Keep Watch
XXXVIII. Give a Sigh
XXXIX. Retire
XLI. Relax
XLII. Interruption
XLIII. Rising Tensions
XLIV. Great Fight
XLV. Destroy
XLVI. Terror
XLVIII. Mano a Mano
XLIX. Determine
L. Better or Worse

Posted: 12/03/10 | Deadline: None

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