"1sts" by Elsaa
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Description: Firsts. Everyone has them. So here's your challenge. Do a small collection, or a story about any or all of the following. If a collection, try doing all of them, but in chronological order. You can rearrange the drabbles to fit, but there has to be a story line.


1. Impression
2. Crush
3. Kiss
4. Date
5. Love
6. Lust
7. Obession (hobby, favorite thing, etc.)
8. Sex
9. Heartbreak
10. Promise
11. Ring
12. Car
13. Friend
14. Memory
15. Cellphone
16. Marriage
17. Divorce
18. Child/ren
19. Slow dance
20. Loss
21. Prize
22. Bra
23. Temptation
24. Haircut
25. Dollar
26. Vacation
27. Honeymoon
28. Moodring
29. Dress
30. Rated R Movie
31. Fight with a Friend
32. Fight with Parents
33. Pregnancy
34. Postcard
35. Penpal
36. Long-Distance Relationship
37. School Field Trip
38. Amusement Park
39. Water Park
40. Resort
41. House
42. College
43. Baking
44. You Wake Up to in the Morning
45. You Discovered About Yourself

Love you forever if you add more love to:

Angel Diary
Harvest Moon Animal Parade
Absolute Boyfriend (OMGILOVESOSHI)
Kingdom Hearts
Or anything else is fiiine! ^_^

Note: I do prefer reader insert since people tend to make their characters names what THEY want and not what suits or is more ... logical, and then tend to make them perfect. Add some drama. I love angst. LOVE it. I love that heartbreaking feeling. But if you think your OC is fine, I'll check it out ;) And YURI is ACCEPTED as well as YAOI. :DD I'm a sucker for yuri... hot damn. xD

Posted: 05/28/10 | Deadline: None

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