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Categories: Young Justice
Characters: Reader, Various, You, Aqualad, Artemis, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Robin, Superboy

Description: Got to say, Superboy (Connor) is one of my favorites on Young Justice. And this guy deserves some love too. So let's give him some~!

My only wish is that it's a reader insert. If you make the reader a hero (or whatever) or not, it's up to you.

Have fun~

Posted: 04/21/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Young Justice
Characters: Reader, Various, You, Aqualad, Artemis, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Robin, Superboy

Description: *Good or Bad hints towards hero or villain (*who later makes a change to the good side*).

Come on people! Young Justice is pure awesome. It needs a lot more love than it's getting (*and I'm surprised at the lack of stories (*Not counting the ones there already*)*).

It can have anything (*as long as the reader isn't a Mary-Sue*). From the whole good or bad guy thing, to bits of the future being revealed (*as seen in the Episode 'Bloodlines'*), the reader having powers or not (*as such, being kind of like the 'Bat group' or 'Arrow Group', etc.*)...things like that. If you want to have the reader as an original member of the YJ team, that's okay too.

-No Mary-Sue Reader
-Paired with someone (*bonus points if it's either Wally (*Kid Flash*), Connor (*Superboy*), Dick (*Robin/Nightwing*), or even Kaldur (*Aqualad/?*)...but you'll get more bonus points if it's a pairing with Dick.*)
-Drama is a must. There can't be any 'oh, she get's along with everyone on the team and there's never any problems'. There are issues/problems (*even seen on the show*). It's also important to work through those issues too. This rule is especially important if you're doing a multi-chapter story.

Rest is up to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Have fun with it~

Posted: 06/04/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Young Justice
Characters: Artemis, Kid Flash, Robin

Description: To take place during season 2 (Invasion)

A freshman in college happens to have a course with either Wally or Artemis, and becomes friends with one/both of them. During a study session at Wally & Artemis's apartment, she is introduced to Dick Grayson by chance.

What happens next...? That's where you come in. ;)

Bonus points if:
- It is a reader-insert
- She is NOT a super hero
- She is NOT related in any way to villains and/or heroes

Posted: 12/24/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, X-Men, Outlaw Star, Teen Titans, Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, One Piece, Bleach, Detective Conan, Ranma 1/2, The Boondocks, Howl's Moving Castle, Ouran High School Host Club, Batman, Batman Beyond, Paradise Kiss, Fairy Tail, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Kuroshitsuji , Axis Powers Hetalia, Saiyuki Gaiden, Durarara!!, Baccano!, Iron Man, Tiger & Bunny, Young Justice, Adventure Time, Kuroko no Basuke, Skip Beat, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, South Park
Characters: None

Description: Hello, hello one and all!

I challenge you to write a story about the life of a servant. Yes, yes, I am aware that this not new. But, usually it is the reader who is the servant. I think it might be amusing if the reader or an OC happens to acquire by some strange events from the listed series below.

However, the catch is that they only have that servant for six months. Why? Well, that is up to you to decide why and if they somehow manage to get that person back as a servant.

For those who are going to use Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian will have to be the employer this time while the OC or Reader becomes a servant to him for six months. Bonus points if involve Ciel as a contractor somehow.

On top of that, the rules:

1. Lemons are welcome, but not necessary.
2. No early romance
3. Cannon Characters must be in character.
4. Romance is welcomed, but not necessary.
5. Humor is a must.
6. Extra bonus, one death in the story.
7. Can be Reader-Insert, OC, Or CYOA.
8. Butler/Maid/Servant can only be employeed originally for 6 months.
9. Bonus, if the OC or Reader's parents are mentioned (because that is rarely done.

No time limit. Just have fun! Byeeeee~!

Posted: 03/04/14 | Deadline: None
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