Categories: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage , Deadman Wonderland, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
Characters: Reader, Various, Kiyomasa Senji, Sakigami Toto, Badou Nails , Bishop, Giovanni, Heine Rammsteiner , Matsuoka Rin, Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto

Description: Okay, so I keep finding animes I hadn't found before with really hot guys in it! Gaah!! Fanservice is awesome its just why not put them all in one anime? *Nose Bleed*

That would be awesome.
Anyway, all must be reader insert and now I want is lemons from:

Deadman Wonderland -
Senji Kiyomasa
Toto Sakigami
And any other but I WANT those two!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club -
Haruka Nanase
Makoto Tachibana
Rin Matsuoka
And any other!

Dogs Bullets and Carnage - (SMUT!!)
Heine Rammsteiner
Badou Nails
Giovanni Rammsteiner
I don't know if there's others that people like....

But SMUT! I want SMUT!! I can't promise to read every one of them but I'll try!!


Posted: 08/05/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Samurai Champloo, Death Note, D.Gray-Man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Kuroshitsuji , Pandora Hearts, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage , Durarara!!, Ao no Exorcist, Karneval, Deadman Wonderland, Kuroko no Basuke, K, Psycho-Pass, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Various

Description: F****** Lemon Prompts!!

1. The Bed
2. The Shower (Not the same as Bathtub)
3. The Floor
4. The Counter
5. The Couch
6. The Wall
7. The Kitchen Table
8. The Office Desk
9. Office Chair
10. The Hallway
11. The Piano
12. The Stairs
13. The Bathtub (Not the same as Shower)
14. Against a Door
15. Coffee Table

Own Character, Reader, whatever! But a lemon. It must be a lemon. Goodluck!

Posted: 08/27/13 | Deadline: None
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