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Description: Romance is one of the most popular genres on this site -- or really any fiction site for that matter. But one of the most common complaints is that it isn't done well. Of course, lemon or lime stories being equally popular have much the same complaint.

Goal: Write a non-fiction essay for our Writer's Guide regarding writing effective romance or sexual stories or scenes. It must be at least 1000 words long. Essays for specific fandoms are allowed.

Pairing: Any

Rating: Any

Bonus points if you can discuss or cover any of the following:
- Falling in love
- Boyfriends / Girlfriends
- Breaking up
- Realistic relationships
- Sexual relationships

(Bonus points may also be awarded to essays that cover unusual, difficult, or unique topics.)

Posted: 01/31/07 | Deadline: 03/03/07
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Description: Reviews are like the blood keeping a fanfiction living. Of course, fanfics can live on short, excited reviews demanding a quick update, but those are like junk food and the fanfic or body will become unhealthy with too many of those. Reviews that actually mean to critique are like health food. Some people don't like broccoli, but they know it's good for them, right?

Rules: First, write a guide on how to review in general. The type of review can vary from story to story, so give different short guides and examples to reviewing these. For instance, you would review a drabble differently from a multichapter, am I right? Discuss them separately.

The guide must inform the reader on how to critique a story in a proper and polite manner.

Bonus: Give tips on how to leave a short, meaningful review when on the run. Give tips to the reader who doesn't know much to say in a review. Leave tips for the author on how to write things here and there to give the reader ideas on what to write in a review.

Posted: 11/05/09 | Deadline: None
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