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Categories: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters: Reader

Description: CONRADxREADER

There's not many fics of KKM and it would be nice if there was. Especially ConradxReader. Basically the reader is the new maid in the Blood Pledge Castle (aka Yuri's Castle). One day while doing the new chores, the reader accidentally bumps into Conrad... And you know the rest Boy meets girl, girl meets boy and they fall in love. Basically make it as funny and fluffy as possible. The rest is up to you.

Posted: 01/30/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters: Original Character(s)

Description: I find Conrad and Yozak to be one of the more uncommon pairings in the Kyou Kara Maou anime. But personally i LOVE this pairing and think there should be more of it. So i ask you to, please, for the sake of this perfect couple, write a story for Conrad and Yozak.

Posted: 07/05/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters: Original Character(s)

Description: Can any of you out there write a long Kyou Kara Maou fic that's worth reading? I mean seriously everyone always writes these short and directly to the point stories. I like to the point but i also like longer stories, so if your up to it, prove it.

Posted: 07/06/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various

Description: I see alot of Gwendal oneshots, but not alot of others. I would like to see someone write an Alford/reader, Wolfram/Yuri, Shori/someone, Conrad/someone, Yozak/someone, Murata/someone, Gunter/someone, Dorcas/someone. You don't have to do them all but I would just like to see one or a few, something different then the norm.

Posted: 07/02/08 | Deadline: None
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Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: I absolutely love creative ways to announce that you're expecting. Why not share the fun with our bishies? I want to see some original ideas on how to let them know that they're gunna be daddies!

It can be sweet and fluffy, random and funny, or just out-of-the-blue. I just want it to be creative and unique. Have fun with it!

Posted: 01/31/11 | Deadline: None
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Description: There are so many stories where introversion is confused with being shy. So I want to see something where the main character is not SHY but simply INTROVERTED. A true introvert gives up emotional energy when interacting with others, and so only wants to use that energy on those they know it's not wasted on.

Any length the author desires
No rating requirement
Heterosexual pairing (if any), please

Main point of the story:
The main character is mistaken for being SHY has to prove to others (especially any love interest) that they are instead INTROVERTED.

Posted: 08/31/12 | Deadline: None
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