Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Posted by Penguiduck
11/30/14 - 11:57PM
It’s finally December! Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, it sure is a busy season!

The theme for December is Non-Reader-Inserts.

Even if I Don’t by NineTailedFoxDemones (Fullmetal Alchemist, 13+)
Kiss by CuratioLethe (Loveless , 13+)

Congrats to December’s winners!

And for the month of January, we are asking you to nominate the best of 2014! Any story that had its first chapter posted in the 2014 is eligible for this theme! To nominate and for a more detailed breakdown of the rules, please go here on the forums.

Now for some general reminders:

Please do not submit multiple chapters of the same story to the queue. We will delete them automatically, which wastes our time and yours. The reason why this is is because if one chapter is not validateable, the rest of them are likely not either. Also, with multiple mods working on the queue at a time, we may not validate them in order, which is problematic for obvious reasons.

Also, please do not add multiple categories to drabble/one-shot booklets unless the category has already been addressed. Otherwise, this only clutters categories and misleads readers.

Since we’re not running a fic trade for the month of December, we thought we’d present another activity. We will be having our first Featured Challenge: Winter Wonderland by Aquamarine Shadows.

If you choose to participate, please feel free to post your entry in the comment section for the members of Luna to enjoy! As per the challenge, any fandom or character is welcome. Also, if you are an unvalidated author and need us to take a look at your story in the queue, please contact one of the mods. We'll be happy to help.

Have a wonderful December, everyone!


The wild November come at last!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
11/03/14 - 11:35PM
Welcome to November, y'all! Hope everyone's staying dry.

The theme of the month for November is fluff! Here are your featured stories:

End of Eden by Mao (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, 13+)
Nerves by Mrs_Anonymous (Ookiku Furikabutte, All)
Trigon by SubtleQuirk (Bleach, 13+)
Age comes with Emotions by lostHEAVENx (Baccano!, 13+)
Stupidity by Alexei (The Mortal Instruments, 13+)
Impossibility by Tsula (Yu Yu Hakusho, All)

Congratulations to all of you!

The theme for December is Non-Reader-Inserts. That's right, any story that is NOT a reader-insert is eligible. You can nominate here on the forums.

For once, we don't have any reminders for you! Everyone have a great month!


Nature is All Aglow
Posted by Penguiduck
10/01/14 - 11:58PM
And so autumn is here! Happy October, everyone! I hope you are reaping the benefits of the harvest, and enjoying the chill in the wind and the soon-to-be gold in the leaves!

This month’s theme is drabble booklets.

Sinbad by Gaarasgurl666 (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, 13+)
As The Years Go By... by Zecrea (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
Together Forever by Elsaa (Soul Eater, 17+)


Next month's theme will be fluff. Any story that contains something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside is eligible! Nominate here on the forums.

Next, we have a few notes we’d like to make!

Backups: We strongly encourage you to backup your stories -- it is your responsibility. If you are not a validated author and we delete your story from the queue, it is gone forever. There is no way for us to get it back. Even if you are validated, the server could go down, and no one will have access to your writing, so please backup your stories on a jump drive, your own computer, another device, etc.

Also, please note that the mods are people, too! We’ll get to your email eventually if you choose to contact us, but allow a few days for us to respond! Bombarding us with emails day after day isn’t exactly productive…

Just out of curiosity, we’re wondering if Luna’s members would be interested in grammar/writing workshops. This is something that is still a WIP, but we’re thinking about hosting these workshops every few months or so, probably on a Google Doc, at various times and on various dates. These workshops are especially targeted at those who are aiming for author validation, but anyone is welcome. If you like the idea, have any questions, or would like to provide feedback, feel free to comment on this post or even contact a moderator directly!

Have a great October! :D Enjoy the fall and the apples/pumpkins/candy/delicious goodness that comes with it!



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