Queue Open!
Posted by Alastair
08/13/14 - 07:12PM
Hello everyone~♥

The queue is officially open for submissions again! Thank you so much for your patience as we cleared the queue and trained our new mods~

That being said, as usual, please try to take it easy on us with the number of submissions you make in order to keep from flooding the queue. For a couple weeks, please try to limit yourselves to one or two stories per person. Itíll help prevent the queue from clogging up again, and things will go much more smoothly~

Once again, thank you very much for your patience! Have a wonderful rest of the month~


Hot, Hot, Hot!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
08/01/14 - 09:13PM
Hey guys! Happy August!

This monthís theme is One-Shots~

69 by Sacred Tear (Bleach, Adult)
Aftermath by Raicho Kurubi (Dragon Age II, 17+)
Casual Affair by Dishrag (KHR!, 17+)
Helping Hand by Ria (Saiyuki, 13+)
A Horizon to Chase by Penguiduck (Legend of Zelda, All)

Congratulations to all of you~ Septemberís theme is school. You can nominate any story that takes place in a school setting, whether thatís elementary, middle, high school, or college. Nominate here in the forums.

Now, to answer the question youíve all no doubt been wondering about: the queue is still closed as of this announcement, but we are a little over halfway done with emptying it. We plan on reopening the queue soon, though, so donít worry.

Next! This monthís announcement is mostly a link masterpost for your convenience~ Here are the threads we have in the forums for certain requests:

And here are links to things that could help speed up your storyís time in the queue:

And thatís all for August! Thank you all for being so patient with us, and we hope you all have a great month~♥


New Modlings~♥
Posted by Alastair
07/07/14 - 05:57PM
Hey everyone!

So I know itís only been a couple days since the monthly announcement, but we have some exciting news~ We are very pleased to announce two new moderators: Kumi and Ruby Spice! Congratulations to you both~!

Now that evaluation of moderator applications is done with, we mods are now able to focus on getting the number of stories in the queue down. However, as usual, to give our two new modlings time to learn how to queue-nom, we will be closing the queue.

Now, for the next month or so, please don't ask them about stories in the queue. They have been instructed to ignore such emails while theyíre learning how to be mods. If you need to ask about the status of a story, refer your questions to Kerrigan Sheehan, Penguiduck, perfect-to-stay, dark_wing19, or myself. You also have the option of posting in the story validation forum thread. Repeatedly poking the new mods may result in a temporary ban. (So donít do it!) (Though sending them congrats is fine, of course!)

Also, if you have any concerns or questions about our decision on the new mods, please email one of the older mods (previously mentioned in the paragraph above) privately to discuss things.

Thatís it for now, everyone! Have a wonderful rest of the month~♥



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